Freshmen/New Student Orientation Link

Freshmen/New Student Orientation Link
Posted on 08/06/2020

Good Afternoon. This message is to clarify some information about the beginning of the school year and digital devices.  First of all, all students will be on LaunchED starting this Monday through August 20th.  Students who have chosen the face-to-face option will not report to the Wekiva campus until August 21st.  Incoming 9th graders who attended an OCPS Middle School will keep their devices from 8th grade and use them for 9th grade. There is no need to swap devices. Only students without devices should contact the school to be added to the wait list. Again, if you attended middle school at an OCPS school and have your device from 8th grade, this is the device you will use for 9th grade.


Please tune into the Freshmen/New Student Orientation online this afternoon at 4:00 pm using the following link.  Then feel free to use the form below to ask any questions.


Link for Freshmen/New Student Orientation


Updated link for questions