End of School Year Info

End of Year Information

End of Year Information 2020

Class of 2020
• Diplomas will be ready in the middle of June
• Final Transcripts can be ordered on the school website
• Transcripts cannot be sent electronically
• Bright Future, still waiting on state information (

Class of 2021
• Senior Photographs are to be taken at Leonard’s Studios during the summer. You will receive an email with an access code to set up your appointment. Please make sure this is taken care of during the summer, because these are also your yearbook photographs, and the senior section is our first deadline. If you do not receive the email, call (888) 224-5045 to make an appointment.
• Note: you can bring only one person with you to the appointment, and you will need that person to help you with the photos.
• Since we missed step-up, Senior T Shirts and Hoodies will be sold in the fall when school resumes.

Class of 2024
• Information for you will be released during the summer

All Students
• Deadline to sign up for OCVS Classes is June 1, 2020
• Class schedules will be released late summer
• Finish OCVS Classes
• Finish Edgenuity Classes
• Test P{rep for ACT/ACT
• Work on College Admission Essays
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