When most people hear the word FFA they tend to just think about farming and nothing
else. In reality FFA is not just about farming, it also has a lot to do with leadership skills and
career development of young individuals. We often have team meetings with all the member involved, in which we go over upcoming events and competitions that are called CDEs, or career development events. These events consist of multiple activities such as forestry, environmental, meats judging, and so on. The officer team recently competed in an opening and closing ceremonies competition. Each of the members on the officer team has specific duties they have to fulfill and as a team we come together as a group to run the chapter and do things to make what we do known such as making a hype video that has been played on the morning announcements. We have livestock as well, such as sheep, pigs, bunnies, ducks, goats, and more that members of the FFA raise and compete at fair with. Some may be market animals. There is also a huge opportunity for community service hours throughout the year which many people that join the FFA love. At the end of every school year there is an event called the Florida FFA State Convention, where FFA members from all around the state come together to share their success with others. Members attend state convention by competing in CDEs, competing in livestock, or going with their chapter. Another major part of state convention is the transfer of officer positions from member to member. Members and officers work together and complete degrees as well as CDEs. We also have to show good leadership skills in order for qualification. State convention, and all the amazing opportunities FFA has to offer, create such a great experience because it allows you to see the diversity within the FFA and what the FFA is really about - beyond farming.