Alma Mater & Fight Song



Beneath the warm and radiant sun we cast our shadows here,

As we prepare for greatness in our future far and near.

And as we think and dream of how our lives will soon unfold,

we thank our alma mater, maroon, navy and gold.


The seven pillars hold these walls give space for what we’ve sought.

Our able minds fill up those walls with symbols, words and thoughts.

They’re furnished by integrity and painted with respect.

And then we fill them with the future that we will direct.

Youth will fade, though we will not. Achievement fills our eyes.

In our pursuit of excellence, our needs for learning rise.

And in that long pursuit we find that where that virtue dwells,

Is brought about by learning but is found within ourselves.




Go, Wekiva Mustangs!

We stampede to win!

Victory is now upon us--

Fight to the end!

Gold, maroon, and navy

Banners fly in style.

Mustangs will stampede

To go the extra mile!