Mustang Manners

Thinking Responsibly


Following Directions

Being substance free

Being on-time and prepared

Refraining from alcohol, drug or tobacco use

Keeping campus clean

Staying in designated areas


Coming Prepared

Having needed materials

Having your planner

Being present

Completing assignments and homework

Dressing appropriately

Moving quickly and orderly to destination


Having Respect

Being courteous to each other

Using appropriate language

Using materials appropriately

Following directions

Participating in class discussions

Refraining from stealing

Refraining from vandalism

Throwing trash in receptacles

Showing appropriate (non-sexual) behavior


Showing Self Control

Thinking before you speak or act

Keeping hands and feet to self

Using a controlled tone of voice

Using appropriate, non-abusive language

Following directions

Refraining from sexual behavior

Refraining from alcohol, drugs, tobacco or weapons