Facts & Myths



Fact vs. Fiction

* You must join the military after graduation.

* JROTC is not a recruiting program.

There is no military commitment.

* You must wear a uniform every day
* You must wear the uniform one day each week.
* Male cadets must get a buzz hair cut
* Normal conservative haircuts and styles are required.
* You must march
* Marching is just one part of the overall leadership/followership program.
* JROTC is for boys only
* Usually there are approximately 40% girls in the Corps.
* If you are in JROTC you can’t be in an Academy, Band or play sports.
* You can do both. JROTC is a class that allows you to do both
* Military stuff is boring
* JROTC includes much more than military stuff including: social functions, sports activities, field trips, community service projects, rocket launches, radio controlled aircraft, and more.
* The uniforms and equipment are expensive
* The uniform, including your shoes, are issued FREE. A small deposit is required.
*Once I sign up for JROTC I’m stuck in it and can’t get out
* As with any other class all you

 need is a note from your parent or guardian to withdraw from JROTC.

“Cross into the BLUE”