Scheduling an Appointment with Your Counselor

Hello Mustangs!

If you are looking to schedule a meeting with your counselor, please click the link under your counselors name.  Who you have as a counselor is determined by your last name.  These appointments are not to be made if you would like to request a schedule change.  We have received all of your schedule requests and will be reviewing them this week.  You will either get a new schedule sent to you or you will receive an email stating your request could not be accommodated.  Have a great week!

Ms. Neal (Last Names A-Cas)[email protected]/bookings/

Ms. Mann (Ce-Hall)[email protected]/bookings/

Ms. Jones (Ham-McK)[email protected]/bookings/

Mr. Boglio (McL-Rol)[email protected]/bookings/

Ms. Beausejour (Rom-Z)[email protected]/bookings/

Ms. Williams (College and Career Specialist)[email protected]/bookings/

Ms. Palmer (504 Coordinator)[email protected]/bookings/