Student Parking Decals are now on sale. Student will be required to go to the school’s website, complete the Student Driving Application, submit the necessary documentation and pay the appropriate fees. All parking decals are $60. Senior parking spots are an additional $15 (Seniors Only: $60 + $15 for senior parking spot = $75). After a student submits the correct documentation along with the appropriate fees, Dr. Brown-Griffin will send an email to the student’s official school email account with instructions.  If the student needs additional documentation, the students will receive an email indicating what is needed. Senior will be allowed to paint their parking spots in the upcoming weeks, and the dates will be provided.


Wekiva High School Student Parking Application:


All students who are driving to school are expected to have their vehicle registered with the school no later than August 31, 2022. Any student who drives to school after August 31, 2022, and their vehicle is not registered with the school will be subject to consequences/fines. If a student continues to violate the school rules regarding driving, then the student’s driving privileges may be permanently revoked.